Haldera Trading Ltd.


The service Department of our company is the most credible and professional in Cyprus.
Certified for the last 5 years.

HALDERA TRADING LTD has a complete service department, with the appropriate technical infrastructure to perform checks of correct operation but also to provide certificates of calibration for total stations.

Our service department has certified and in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications equipment for maintenance, control and calibration.
The staffing of the department is done with strict criteria to always ensure the quality of the provided services. The scientific staff of the service department, has extensive experience and expertise in the particular subject area. All technicians are taking courses constantly abroad so that it can respond to the evolution of technology and the complexity of new scientific instruments.

Our service department is the only one in Cyprus that can ensure availability of spare parts for at least 15 years after the purchase of your equipment.

Our company is the only one in Cyprus that provides you Express 24h repair, which means that your equipment is repaired within 24 hours from the moment that we receive it.
It is no coincidence that all the engineers trust our service department, even those who do not have TOPCON equipment.

Contact us today to arrange the maintenance of your equipment!

We will be glad to meet you and take care of:

  • The maintenance and upgrade your equipment.
  • The calibration of your equipment.
  • Battery control (change components), chargers and all the accessories that are needed for working in the field.
  • Repairing any damage to mechanical or electronic.

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