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Pythagoras 15

Pythagoras software is a standalone design and resolving Topographic Office Software.


Mission: 360° Compatibility

Pythagoras focuses on delivering its users the best CAD & GIS experience possible.

In order to accomplish this, we listen to what clients, partners, schools and employees think CAD & GIS software should be able to do.

Supporting a variety of import formats, which form the start of any project. Providing incredibly powerful drawing and calculation tools, allowing handling of all data types and transforming them into a complete project plan. A lot of standard export formats ensure the compatibility with all other types of soft- and hardware.

Providing solutions for various industries in an all-in-one package makes Pythagoras truly “360° Compatible”.

Data sets coming from total stations, GPS instruments, laser scanners, mobile mappers, UAV and drones, single and multi beam systems and other CAD and GIS software packages can be handled and processed with ease.




Some of the new features:

  • Automated point cloud vectorization
  • Classification of point cloud
  • Enhanced DTM performance
  • Updated profiling tools
  • General performance upgrade







Surveying has evolved from the classical total station job to a survey where different new instruments find their place.

Total stations, GPS instruments, laser scanners, UAV’s and drones, lidar, mobile mapping systems and single and multi beam systems assist the surveyor to successfully finalize all projects in different industries. Pythagoras helps surveyors offer services to architects, land managers, mining, dredging and agriculture sector, construction and infrastructure companies.

Combining all types of data in one project drawing and having easy-to- use drawing and calculation tools allows to deliver surveying clients an accurate, complete and high-quality project plan.

  • Combine all your data in one project
  • Load and analyse GPS, TPS and point cloud data
  • Calculate terrain models, profiles and cross sections
  • Analyse and vectorise point clouds
  • Manage a complete project in one drawing




Pythagoras is able to import processed orthophotos and classified lidar data. Easy visualization and cleaning tools allow to analyse images in 2D and the colored point cloud in 3D.

Combining the data with traditional surveys, laserscan projects and other CAD or GIS data gives the user insights in the existing situation and how it compares to a new design.

Automated vectorization algorithms makes sure that manual actions are limited when analyzing the point cloud.

The UAV point cloud can be converted into a digital terrain model, which makes generation of contour lines, project monitoring and calculation of volumes, profiles and cross sections very easy. Points, lines and polygons can be simply extracted and used to complete your project in Pythagoras’ own CAD and GIS engine, no other application needed.

Embedded classification can be used to switch of certain parts of the point cloud, which makes it easier to filter, colorize, vectorize and calculate the correct terrain model.

Pythagoras offers solutions for UAV users in surveying, mining and agriculture industries.

  • Import point cloud and orthophoto
  • Extract points, lines and polygons
  • Combine with surveys and other CAD or GIS data
  • Manual and automated vectorization
  • ΥCalculate model, contours and volumes
  • Monitor progress of your project
  • Read and analyze classified point clouds




Mine and stockpile management has become more demanding then it has ever been. Daily reports force surveyors to use new systems like GPS, total stations, drones, UAV and laser scanners to deliver on time.

Pythagoras helps to quickly and accurately handle all these data sets and converts them into 3D models, excavation reports, contour lines, profiles and cross sections.

Stockpiles, open mines and even waste sites can be managed with ease. Security, efficiency and revenue optimization are key in this process. Using Pythagoras as your assistant, planning your workflow becomes straightforward and simple. 

  • Maximize revenue by making better stacking and reclaiming decisions
  • Evaluate existing situation, based on CAD drawing, point clouds and DTM
  • Create a new model and create contour lines
  • Create reports of your progress
  • Calculate profiles that monitor progress
  • Real time 3D visualization




Charting underwater structures, soils and project progression using GPS, sonar, single and multi beam systems produces a huge amount of data that needs to be analysed.
Vast project areas can be analysed with user-friendly drawing, calculation and design tools and powerful 3D visualization of large point cloud files and vector data.

Calculating volumes, contour lines, cross sections, profiles, terrain models and exporting machine control data sets provide in day-to-day and high-quality reporting.

Pythagoras will be your daily assistant to manage all your hydrographical survey and design needs.

  • Load side scan, single beam and multi beam data
  • Convert a point cloud into a sub water model
  • Visualize model in plan, profile and 3D view
  • Design new profiles and cross sections
  • Calculate dredged volumes
  • Manage your hydrographic projects




The agriculture industry has known a huge revolution the last decade. Surveying instruments, drones, UAV’s and machine control systems have taken their place in the daily farming and crop monitoring process.

Pythagoras Software gives users the opportunity to import and analyse data and offers easy design tools to increase revenue.
Soil analysis, crop monitoring, irrigation and growth management, damage detection and creating machine control input are some of the season-bound tasks that Pythagoras can handle. Import GPS data, images, UAV and drone data sets to create 3D models and maps to perfectly plan the work process in an all-in-one solution.

  • Use Pythagoras for better field management
  • Bring UAV, GPS and TPS data together for maximum analyzation
  • Create models for machine guidance
  • Monitor crops on high resolution images
  • Avoid crop failure by better analytics




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